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Will Wood is an American musician. Wood has released five studio albums; Everything is a Lot in 2015, SELF-iSH in 2016, The Normal Album in 2020, Camp Here & There: Campfire Songs Edition in 2021, and “In case I make It,” in 2022, as well as two live albums. Buy Will Wood Merch Here!

Will Wood Merch

About Will Wood Merch

When Will Wood unexpectedly shot to fame in 2015, his confusing and thought-provoking public persona, as well as his varied performing styles, quickly drew attention and criticism. Accompanied by his group The Tapeworms, Wood confounded and enthralled spectators and journalists with his genre-bending musical approach, exceptionally astute and poignant lyrics, lighthearted demeanor, and peculiar onstage personas. Soon after, he started to gain a cult-like following around the world and received highly critical reviews that have only served to further obscure his always-changing vision and persona.

These days, my group and I design a line of things featuring goods and attire that embody the life philosophy. Our blood runs creative, bold, and imaginative, so we’re trying to launch a line of innovative products that fun and excitingly convey our values.

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Will Wood Merch

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